Session 06

Welcome to Fallcrest

Benedict Cumberbatch
Lord Padraig (and Steve)

left chereth in charge of wintervhaven (with letter for others)

Dear Group,
We’ve taken some horses and hit the road to Fallcrest. An elemental cart with the rest of our supplies will be leaving in three days, you are free to take that or my aide Chereth will provide you with whatever you need. If you see Steve, tell him he sucks.

travel safely to fallcrest

got info on fallcrest, the eldritch groves, and aundair

interacted with Lyrandar Airport Admin (stole money and secrets), fallcrest town council (near-deadly knife-dodging show outside)

got info about various orgs & persons

padraig sent message via sivis station to chareth to get info on town councillors who deserted Winterhaven & ben sent message via sivis station to brother (Gatiss Cumberbatch) amount intentions/activities concerning house orien



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