Session 07

Northwest to Passage

Benedict Cumberbatch
Lord Padraig (and Steve)

shale tracked down by halt (tharashk bounty hunter), shale assumes halt is now his assistant, both go to fallcrest, find ben and padraig

halt informs ben he’s taking him home asap, ben knifes him, shale sets his barstool on fire, deneith guard calms them down, ben agrees to go home escorted by halt

(padraig decides he wants to sit on the throne of galifar)

ben and padraig go retrieve their replies at the sivis message station
chereth had no new info on the town council
ben brother, gatiss, replied with promises to lead their house in conquering the land; ben can help or get out of the way (this shed some light on the storm front cult in house lyrandar)
shale received an unexpected message from a man calling himself ‘White’ asking to speak with shale in person in the nearby city of passage (home of house orien); shale replied, “your offer is intriguing but lacks detail”; White replied that this venture could shed light on shale’s origins and could help him realize his true purpose; shale fails to reply to white message

group decides to head to stormhome by way of passage, riding skysleds created by shale’s ritual
group confronted by teleporting squad, allegedly under the employ of White, that uses shale to create a portal, allegedly to passage; reason for force used was the heroes’ known history for violence and shale’s apparent refusal to accept White’s offer
the group went with the haggard squad through the portal



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