Session 08

The First Step

Benedict Cumberbatch
Lord Padraig (and Steve)
Mr. Pink

welcome to the first step. bags over heads, taken to interrogation, tying/roughing up occurs thanks to “Black” and “Blue”.

shale meets “White”, who offers deal.

deal offered to others as well; ben offers to take penalty upon himself. NDAs signed with help from “Gold” the dwarf and “Green” the hemophobic gnome. ben deftly tricks everyone into thinking he actually signed NDA; pig somewhere far away fears for its life.

tour of the First Step

first mission is accepted: break into one of the four towers of the Arcane Congress and steal an artifact valuable to First Step research.

break-in and acquisition successful – books acquired as well.

group convinces herd of Hogwarts-style apprentice wizards that show up to scram

ben witnesses “Black” and “Blue” staying behind to plant a small eldritch machine in the tower. “White” tells group to chill out, it’s none of their business.



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