Session 09

Guineas Pigs, Trolls, and Bears, Oh My

Carlitos the Coward
Mr. Pink

Carlitos emerges from one of the First Step portals dragging the body of j’Hold the Dark. j’Hold is taken to the infirmary, Carlitos is retrained.

in the morning, shale is asked about Carlitos, who vouches for him.

second mission is accepted, with promise of teleportation themed reward for shale: go to Graywall, in Droaam, and meet with “Gray” who needs them to investigate a lead. Gray can’t because Graywall is too heavy with his own Housekin.

method of travel = untested Leapfrog System of portals (series of endurance checks)

“Gray” meets them at end of painful journey, informs them of what he knows so far and about city of Graywall.

lead takes them to the location for the Goblin Market, artifact found 200 feet underground, tharashk digging crew offered to help.

tent procured from matronly troll selling pastries.

Mr. Pink wants bag of holding, finds one at wondrous item dealer, enlists Carlitos to help steal it. Mr. Pink distracts dealer by fighting him. Carlitos makes off with bags and knives. dealer summons bear with magical idol. Carlitos bribes shale to help fight bear with a flickering kukri.

bear fights valiantly, but is laid low.

Loot: a bag of holding, 2 small leather satchels, a simple gray bag, a flickering kukri, a sickle with a flame motif, a dagger with a heavy crossguard, a shiny silver dagger



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