Session 10

In His Tomb, Ashurta Slumbers...

Benedict Cumberbatch
Carlitos the Coward
Lord Padraig
Mr. Pink

Padraig, Garth and Cumberbatch convince Violet to take a portal to Graywall. Cumberbatch and Violet stay back to sell pastries. Padraig is jelly. Group enters hole, one at a time. Hole feels violated and takes revenge on Shale by creating a big bullshit hole. Spelunking ensues. Pyramid is all like “I’m a fucking pyramid.” Group is like “The hell…?” Padraig is a pouty little bitch about the Skull Hole. Garth is like, “Fuck you.” and hucks Padraig’s ass down the hole. Snoogins. A door with this cryptic message

Ashurta, slayer of these weaklings, keeper of the Blade of the Ashen Crown.
Even in death, he is stoic and strong.
The might of the Dreamers has not bested him, and HeIl goes with him.

…is investigated and jimmied past with a Knock ritual. The party realizes the ruins are a Dhakaani tomb.

Stairs are fucking crazy. A room opens before the party. Letters present trouble for the adventurers. Imp attack. Silly string erupts from the poisoned Garth. Fuckin’ portal, looks a lot like Shale. Padraig and Pink look bad. pink looks worse. Like un-fucking-conscious.

Scary statues. Carlitos and Garth ride the shit out of some stone. Stone is like “Fuck that.” Ashurta is big and mean. Also scary. Balls.

Ashurta dies like a nancy bitch. Carlitos jacks sword all bitch like mid battle. Garth is pissed. Sword goes crystal, then all big and giant. A battle for box privileges arises. END.

Loot: 8 amber gems, 54 gold pieces, a simple brown belt, a skull mask, Ashurta’s Blade


this one feels violated

Session 10

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