Session 12

Steppin' Out

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Benedict Cumberbatch
Mr. Pink
Lord Padraig

Alright, so what I am thinking is we go with the plan of bringing all the Department Heads with us, and we basically give our whole presentation to the the Twelve and have each of the departments discuss what specifically they could have been doing under “White” and were not allowed to. I think we should also be direct about our plans for Winterhaven, and if they approve, maybe immediately set those things in motion. - Mr. Pink

I feel on board with this plan. Meanwhile I can be walking around the facility on my hands! - Garth

The new Steppin’ Out Industries 2000 presents its case to The Twelve in Korth.

Feelings are mixed, but generally positive.

The group meets up with Lady Vada d’Phiarlan, Dean of the Demesne of the Motion and Ben’s Mrs. Robinson.

The group wins over Ben’s cousin and current House Lyrandar member of The Twelve.



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