Benedict Cumberbatch

Black Sheep of House Lyrandar


Cumberbatch was born in Stormhome, the son of Baron Timothy Carlton (birth name Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch) and Wanda Ventham.

Cumberbatch was educated at two independent schools, Brambletye School in western Aundair and Harrow School in northwestern Thrane, where he began performing as an actor. After school, he took a gap year to teach acrobatics in an Omnian monastery. He then attended the Morgrave University in Sharn, Breland, where he studied knife play. After graduating with honors, Cumberbatch continued his training as an assassin at House Phiarlan’s Demesne of Motion in Korth (colloquially referred to as the " Karrnath Academy of Murder and Dramatic Art").

Benedict Cumberbatch

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