Arcane Congress

The Arcane Congress was established by King Galifar I in 15 YK. The Arcane Congress was tasked to study the mysteries of magic and place these powers at the service of the kingdom.

The Congress has its seat in four floating towers above the village of Arcanix and also uses the Starpeaks Observatory to study the moons and stars.

The Starpeaks Observatory is located high in the Starpeak Mountains of northern Aundair. The observatory was built by King Daroon ir’Wynarn in 512 YK, though he died before construction was finished. Its purpose is to chart the moons and stars in the hopes of providing signs and portents for the future. The wizard Larhut is the keeper of the observatory in 998 YK.

At the beginning of the Last War, Arcanix was located in western Thrane, but in 895 YK an offensive by Aundair’s King Wrogar under the command of Haldren ir’Brassek took control of the lands south of Passage to the Blackcaps and from Ghalt to the shores of Lake Galifar. Since this time, Arcanix and the Arcane Congress have been part of the nation of Aundair.

Arcane Congress

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