84557Breland lies in the southwestern Zarmina, enjoying one of the largest areas of the nations and territories. Breland is a mix of open farmland, woodland and sprawling metropolis, the most famous of which is Sharn. The lightning rail originates out of Sharn and from there travels across Breland and out to the other nations of Zarmina, while House Orien roadways branch out to more remote locations among the countryside.

Breland occupies a large swath of land nestled between Zilargo to the east and Droaam to the west while sharing its northern border with the Eldeen Reaches and Aundair, and even touches Darguun and The Mournland in its far eastern area. The Straits of Shargon stab into Breland with the Dagger River, while the Graywall Mountains in the west prevent monstrous invasions from Droaam. Other geographic boundaries are Lake Brey, Silver Lake, Lake Galifar and the Blackcap Mountains to the north, and the Howling Peaks and the King’s Forest to the east.

Breland is a constitutional monarchy with a populace that takes pride in their freedom. In progress.

People and Power Groups

  • King Boranel ir’Wynarn
  • House Cannith
  • House Medani
  • House Phiarlan (Demesne of Shape in Wroat, Demesne of Shadow in Sharn)
  • House Vadalis
  • The Brelish Parliament
  • Nobles and Vassal Lords
  • The King’s Citadel (The Dark Lanterns, The King’s Shadows, The King’s Swords, The King’s Shields, The King’s Wands)

Cities and Settlements

Monarchs of Breland (post-Galifar)

Years of Rule Monarch
892-919 YK Wroann
919-922 YK Kason
922-927 YK Brask (regent)
928-960 YK Boranex
961 YK – Boranel


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