Graywall is a small city in the monster nation of Droaam. It lies on an Orien trade road leading from western Breland. It is the second largest settlement in the region after the Great Crag, which serves as the nation’s capital.

The illithid, Xorchylic is the governor of the city.

People and Power Groups


Bloodstone (Sorghun) – Largest district in Graywall. Built using red stone salvaged from Dhakaani ruin of Korash Khaar, giving the district its name. Bloodstone contains a broad variety of races, including, goblins, minotaurs, shifters, changelings, ogres, and orcs as well as humans and other races who have abandoned civilization to the east for a variety of reasons.

Calabas (the Kennel) – Humans, orcs and half-orcs make up the vast majority in this district. And House Tharashk controls the area, having received power over it from Xorchylic. This area is most like the Five Nations.

Little Graywall (Sar Kuraath) – Goblins and kobolds inhabit this district, along with a handful of gnomes and halflings. The architecture and overall design of the quarter is oriented around small-sized humanoids, hence its name.

Karda (the Throne) – This district the center of power of the city, and the Flayer Guard and Znir Pact barracks are here. Orcs, ogres, minotaurs and gnolls form the majority population. The area is very military in nature.


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