House Jorasco

JorascoHouse Jorasco is a halfling dragonmarked house. Although their mark originated among the nomadic tribes on the Talenta Plains, the house’s primary enclave is located in Karrnath.

House Jorasco possesses the Mark of Healing. This mark grants various magical benefits that allow its bearers to heal and cure diseases making Jorasco a vital part of not only the struggles of the Last War but also the daily life of Zarmina.


  • Healers Guild – the premiere service of House Jorasco; mundane and magical healing for those who can afford it at their hospitals and healing enclaves throughout Zarmina; includes herbalists, alchemists, physicians, as well as some clerics and adepts to the Sovereign Host and Silver Flame; few seek healing from the church (even if they are willing to pay) and only the most devout or well respected within a religion will usually recieve healing


Major Enclaves

Minor Enclaves/Healers’ Guild Facilites

  • Flamekeep, Thrane
  • Korth, Karrnath
  • Newthrone, Q’barra
  • Taer Valaestas, Valenar
  • Trolanport, Zilargo
  • Pylas Talaear, Aerenal
  • Stormreach (Xen’drik)

Additional small offices and clinics are found across Zarmina.


  • Baron Ulara d’Jorasco, matriarch

The Mark of Healing first appeared among the halflings of the Talenta Plains around 3000 years ago. However, unlike their counterparts in House Ghallanda, the halflings of Jorasco have largely abandoned their nomadic tribal roots and become firmly enmeshed in the culture and society of the five nations.
The Last War
The Last War was lucrative for House Jorasco; a fortune was made keeping the armies and citizens of every nation on their feet. However, the end of the war may be even more lucrative as the halflings of Jorasco extend ongoing care to those injured or permanently disabled during the war.

House Jorasco

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