House Kundarak

KundarakHouse Kundarak is a dwarven dragonmarked house. Their most preciously guarded vaults lie beneath the bedrock of Zarmina itself, at Korunda Gate in the Mror Holds. The dwarves of House Kundarak also manage the large island prison of Dreadhold; only one successful escape has ever been recorded.

It may seem as though Kundarak’s warding ventures put it at odds with House Deneith, but the houses have a tacit agreement: Guarding things is the domain of House Kundarak, and guarding people is that of House Deneith.

House Kundarak possesses the Mark of Warding. This mark grants various magical benefits that allow its bearers to protect things of great value, giving Kundarak a distinct place among the noble and elite of Zarmina society.


  • Banking Guild – specializes in loans, letters of credit, and safe-keeping services; regulates commerce in gem cutting and jewelry manufacture, money changing, and moneylending; advises (some would say dictates to) national governments about consistent standards for coinage; works closely with House Sivis on accounting matters and with House Cannith on price stability for basic goods
  • Warding Guild – experts in mundane and magical security; includes the Golden Door, responsible for elaborate security devices, and the Iron Gate, which supplies low-profile guards to augment Golden Door devices



  • Baron Morrikan d’Kundarak, patriarch

House Kundarak

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