House Medani

MedaniHouse Medani is a half-elven dragonmarked house servicing most of Zarmina, however most of its activity is centered in Breland.

House Medani possesses the Mark of Detection. This mark grants various magical benefits that allow its bearers to detect threats, making Medani sentries an invaluable asset to nobles, royal families, and other powerful figures.


  • Warning Guild – provides certification and contract employment for bodyguards, inquisitives, and sentries (the bulk of its work is in the larger cities); specializes in anticipating attacks and preventing them before strength and steel are ever needed

The guild has enclaves throughout the Five Nations, but they are always small and unmarked.


  • Baron Treblin d’Medani, patriarch

The Last War
Many see House Medani as the house who truly violated the Korth Edicts of neutrality in the Last War. Many people know that the half-elves of House Medani used their connections and their dragonmarks to gather intelligence for Breland. The alliance only grew stronger as the war progressed. This relationship moved closer still as Baron Trelih became good friends with King Boranel. This caused a number of problems for House Medani when they were hired by other nations as sentries to guard against Breland attacks.

House Medani

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