House Tharashk

299px tharashkHouse Tharashk is a human, half-orc, and orc dragonmarked house that has just recently begun spreading throughout Zarmina. Zarash’ak, the City of Stilts, is the largest city in the Shadow Marches and home of the Tharashk Triumvirate

House Tharashk possesses the Mark of Finding. This mark grants various magical benefits related to locating people and objects. House Tharashk has turned this into a widespread business borrowing a page from House Sivis. Now they excel in locating precious ore veins, Zarmina dragonshards, lost objects, and fugitives.


  • Finders Guild – mining, dragonshard trade, inquisitives, bounty hunters
  • Lion’s Roar – clearinghouse for mercenaries from Droaam



  • “Gray”
  • Daric d’Velderan, human triumvir of House Tharashk; leader of Clan Velderan
  • Khundar’aashta, orc triumvir of House Tharashk; leader of Clan Aashta
  • Maagrim Torrn d’Tharashk, half-orc triumvir of House Tharashk; leader of Clan Torrn

House Tharashk

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