The Twelve

Founded 1,500 years ago, at the end of the War of the Mark, the Twelve is an institute of arcane learning that enjoys the patronage of the dragonmarked houses. The Twelve operates out of a thirteen-tiered keep that floats above Wollvern Park in Korth, Karrnath. Twelve of its floors are filled with classrooms, libraries, and laboratories where researchers and house scions pursue the Twelve’s mission to study dragonmarks, their magical and practical applications, and their potential for profit. The thirteenth floor remains empty to memorialize the lost thirteenth dragonmark.

The Tower of the Twelve is the exclusive arcane college for the dragonmarked houses, making it the primary rival of the Arcane Congress.

The Committee of the Twelve oversees the institute. In theory, the committee is made up of one member from each of the dragonmarked houses, although its membership has fluctuated over time. At present, House Cannith has three representatives (one for each branch of the house). Due to the Shadow Schism, House Thuranni and House Phiarlan have each sent a representative. This means that the committee currently numbers fifteen representatives.

An adventurer who has a significant reputation within a dragonmarked house might be able to draw on the vast resources of the Twelve. The institute has a tremendous array of mystical supplies, and it maintains vast libraries of arcane learning and rituals. Its members and fellows are experts on nearly every topic imaginable.

The Twelve

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