One of the original Five Nations of Zarmina, Thrane is now a nation dominated by theology. Desperate to show the world the light of the Silver Flame, you are more likely to encounter a missionary from Thrane than a farmer.

Bordered in the west by Aundair, to the south by Breland, to the south-east by the Mournland and to the east by Scions Sound, Thrane occupies a rich territory of fertile farmland and large forests. With natural waterways demarcating most of its boundaries, Thrane was the only nation not to lose territory due to the Treaty of Thronehold. Thrane also shares the closest proximity to Thronehold.

In progess.
Thrane is a theocratic monarchy, essentially ruled by the Church of the Silver Flame. The Church’s current spiritual leader is an eleven-year-old girl named Jaela Daran.

People and Power Groups

  • Jaela Daran, the Keeper of the Flame
  • Queen Diani ir’Wynarn
  • The Church of the Silver Flame
  • House Phiarlan (Demesne of Music in Flamekeep)

Cities and Settlements

  • Flamekeep (capital)


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